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I really loved the course! The simplicity of the explanations of the concepts and their clear, concise and dynamic examination in the exercises!
(I loved the crossword on issuing shares- I was hooked). The navigation was easy and simple."

Jose Maria Garcia, Iberia Plus FFP Manager


"'English for Finance' is an excellent learning experience for those in the Financial Services industry for whom English is not their first language.
I also highly recommend it to students who would benefit from understanding the terminology used in this industry and in the business world generally."

Margaret Kavanagh, Derry, N.Ireland


"I'm learning and it's fun!"

Christina Marshall, small business owner, Washington, USA


"I learnt quite a lot... it's useful for learning accounting"

P. Johannson, student, Helsinki, Finland


"... it was good because it teaches a lot of vocabulary and also how to present financial reports. -Very interesting because there were a variety of different exercises, crosswords, fill in the blanks, listening..."

Marta Gómez, Madrid, Spain


"Easy to understand"

Nguyen T., Vietnam

Receive our FREE monthly


full of news, reviews, exercises and lots more!

First name:

Last name:


We respect your privacy and will absolutely never share your data with anybody.
Read our Privacy Policy Statement


"... you can try as many times as you want until you get 100%. This allows you to learn and understand better"

Ahmed Imran, banker


"Very interesting and user friendly"

Oscar García, accountant, Colombia


"It's fun... You're able to repeat the exercises until you get 100%"

Elena Brozilova, translator, Warsaw, Poland


"It is very clear and easy to learn from"

Fatah Chopra, language learner, India


"Made learning easier. Interaction was simple and easy. It was a worthwhile experience"

W. Hoang, banking executive


"I enjoyed the crossword, the course stimulated my learning experience"

Philip Johnston, language teacher, France

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Choose one of our courses and in only
   8 HOURS* of study
you will learn ALL the content of the subject
  *With an Intermediate level of English

Improve your knowledge of finance, your listening, reading, writing and vocabulary skills in English

From: Eoin Baxter Tuesday 7.15 p.m.

Dear friend,

Do you have difficulties using accounting terms to express yourself correctly in English?

Your financial presentations giving you problems?

You're so busy running your business that you don't understand what your accountant or bank manager is telling you?

Or you just don't know the correct words to use?

How would you like to surpass the difficulty of knowing the correct financial terms and their meanings?

Would an increase in the knowledge of financial English terms improve your work or ability to communicate with others?

Wouldn't mastering financial English enable you to gain a better position and earn more money at your job?

Keep reading to find out how you can :

  • Perfect your knowledge of financial vocabulary
  • Learn financial concepts in English
  • Impress the people that matter
  • Increase your confidence and fluency of accounting and financial terms
  • Improve your listening skills with real case studies
  • Experience multiple educational techniques
  • Practice financial report writing
  • And most importantly...

    Boost your career prospects and salary!

If you have done online training before, you must have encountered problems. Error messages, technical problems, and most of all, ultimate dissatisfaction with the learning experience.

Wouldn't it be great to experience education online where you really learn????

Your learning will be packed with vocabulary and concept,

not just wonderful presentation with no content.

You can use multiple educational techniques, not endless and repetitive multiple-choice questions.

And, you would only have to download the minimum of software (if any at all), and even the most basic modem will suffice.

Eoin Baxter
Let me introduce myself. My name is Eoin Baxter. I have been teaching English as a foreign language since 1998.

I have taught accounting and finance terms in English to literally thousands of people.

I am a qualified TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) teacher AND I am a fully qualified financial accountant ACCA - (Chartered Association of Certified Accountants). This is the British equivalent of an American CPA.

So, I am uniquely positioned to understand the needs of language learners of accounting and financial terms. Not only do I have the experience and knowledge of language training, I also have the experience and knowledge of a financial accountant!

And now EVERYONE can benefit from this unique combination of knowledge!

There is a limit to how many people can learn this knowledge from me directly. So, I decided to set up this website because so many people have found our courses so vital to their career progression (and salary increases!). I want to share this knowledge with as many people as possible so you can benefit the way other people already have.

  • Learn not only the vocabulary in English, but also the subject theme itself by studying an academic text of between 3000 and 4000 words.
  • Perfect your knowledge of financial vocabulary in English by completing 9 different vocabulary exercises, testing up to 100 new vocabulary words. And we don't just mean the usual multiple choice tests that are so common in online courses. We mean interaction and dynamics! Anagrams, crosswords, match sentences and definitions, compile financial reports, and so much more.
  • Develop your listening skills! And not just boring academic descriptions and definitions. NO! You can listen to 2 real life case studies related to your field of finance and answer questions to be sure that you have understood correctly.
  • Improve financial report writing by sending your report to be corrected - and get feedback as to your performance.
  • Reinforce your knowledge with a final exam that tests not only your understanding of key vocabulary, but also the application of this knowledge to case studies.
  • Know your performance with a marking scheme that grades you on every exercise you complete.
  • Maintain your motivation by repeating exercises as many times as you want until you reach the score you want. Are you a perfectionist, or are you happy just to pass? Either way, the courses match your needs.
  • Increase your confidence in English for finance.
  • Display your Diploma of English for Finance.

All this in only 8 hours of language learning!!!*

(Assuming you have an intermediate level of English)

Let's look at some examples of people who benefited from learning English for Finance:

Juan took our courses after almost losing a potential contract. Not only did he get confused with stocks and inventory (click here to see the difference) he also gave his entire presentation using the word million instead of thousand!!!! By increasing his confidence and fluency in financial English, he recovered from this and

now holds a high management position in the finance department of a listed Spanish company.

I particularly remember Marie, an MBA student who was going to any job interview she was offered. After 8 interviews with no follow up, she came to me desperate for help. Soon after her course,

she was offered 4 jobs, and her finance grade went up from 6.5 to 8.2.

These are just some examples of learners who have benefited from the knowledge on this website. By focusing on the exact vocabulary you need, by using a unique, tried and tested method, you learn to function and flourish in an English speaking financial environment.

Maybe you work in

  • accounting
  • banking
  • stock exchange
  • management accounting
  • corporate finance
  • auditing
  • insurance
  • or you manage your own business
  • or you must deal with numbers and trends

Well, this website has the exact knowledge and information you need

So, don't waste more time and money on English classes that just don't meet your objectives!

  • Advance your career and your earnings potential by expressing yourself clearly in English in your financial environment.
  • Communicate with greater ease and confidence!
  • Be assured that you are saying exactly what you want to say in financial English.
  • Improve your grades in finance and accounting.
  • Impress the interviewer and get that job you really want by proving your command of financial English.
  • Increase your business performance by managing your finances more efficently
  • Get promoted by performing your financial tasks in English with super efficiency.

How much would you spend on 8 hours of English classes?
And, how much would you spend on 8 hours of language class with a teacher who has knowledge of accounting and finance?
(That's assuming you could even find such a teacher)!

Well, you can gain this specialist expertise for an incredibly low price.

I really want as many people as possible to benefit from these courses, so these courses have the lowest possible price.

Incredible, but true, you can learn the specialist knowledge you need for only 19.99 Euro!

Yes, for a Special Launch Price of only 19.99 EURO!!,

you can get quality focused language training that will help you to increase your salary potential.

With 10 course to choose from you are guaranteed quality focused language training!

Worried that your level of English is too low to take a course? You don't want to waste time or money. I understand that.
Click here for a FREE test of English so you will know if you can take the courses.

Or even better, click here for a FREE DEMO of one course. See for yourself what you can learn by taking a course in English for Finance.

If you're still not convinced...

3 Special bonuses FREE
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Yes, you did read that correctly, FREE!! The value of your purchase will more than double, for no extra cost (if you're quick!):

Bonus 1:
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You will receive a language test of English for finance.
You will be tested on a range of issues relating to finance in English so you can measure your level of English for finance before and after you complete the course.
See the difference these courses can make to your knowledge of English for finance.
Bonus 2:
(value 19.99 Euro, yours for FREE!!)
A glossary of financial terms relevant to your course will be sent to you.
If you cannot understand some financial vocabulary from the academic text in the course, this comprehensive glossary provides you with a clear, easy to understand definition. This is an invaluable tool for your language learning.
Bonus 3:
(value 19.99 Euro, yours for FREE!!)
FREE 1-year membership of our monthly "English for finance" newsletter.
Not only will you receive our content-rich, informative newsletter related to all matters concerning learning English for finance, as a member you will receive additional vocabulary, listening and functions exercises related to English for finance.

Still not sure? Well, how about I take the risk away from you.


Your course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee

If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with your course, then within 30 days from the date of purchase, we will refund your money,
no questions asked!

And any bonus products you have received from us, hey, you can keep them.

You really have nothing to lose!

Finance is a competitive world! You need to have that something extra to succeed. Don't you agree that these courses will give you that extra advantage?

To choose and order your English for Finance course from the range available,

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English for Finance course

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Learn and enjoy!,

Signed: Eoin Baxter
Eoin Baxter, CEO
Baxter Business Services, S.L.

PS: Think how the expertise gained by learning accounting and finance terms and concepts in English for finance will improve your knowledge and expertise.

PPS: It's your career and your salary! Don't you want the fulfilling job and the lifestyle you deserve?